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Don’t trust the bitch in apartment 23!
— Robin, Pilot

Robin used to be one of Chloe's old roommates who is addicted to Chloe. She is portrayed by Liza Lapira.


Robin is an obsessive old roommate of Chloe who lives just down the hall of Apartment 23. Robin spends her days as an emergency room nurse and her nights striving to make her way back in to Chloe’s life. Random fact: Robin was also a credited producer on "The Blair Witch Project".

Trivia Edit

  • Robin has a lot of cats
  • Robin has a mouse pad with Chloe's face on it
  • Robin has a key to Chloe and June's apartment
  • Robin is featured on one of Eli's fetish sites
  • Robin hoards Chloe's mail so she has an exuse to see her
  • Robin is in the Nurse's Union and she makes a lot of money
  • Robin is willing to give hundreds of dollars to do things with Chloe
  • Robin pays attention to everything Chloe and June say or do
  • Robin filled Chloe and June's fridge with blueberry yougurt because she heard June say it was her favorite
  • Robin lives in Apartment 21
  • Eli, Chloe, and June all know Robin sneaks into Chloe and June's apartment at a scheduled time, between the time they left for work and the time they come back. Robin even chats with Eli when she breaks in.
  • Robin was the first to say "Don't trust the Bitch in apartment 23"